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Dr. Vivian O Rodriguez

Dr Vivian O Rodriguez

Dr Vivian O Rodriguez

Dr Vivian O Rodriguez

Dr Vivian O Rodriguez

Dr Vivian O Rodriguez

Recognized as one of the leading physicians in Endocrinology, Dr Vivian Rodriguez is a board certified, bilingual private practitioner in Houston, Texas with over 22 years of experience. Dr. Rodriguez completed her post doctoral education at the Baylor College of Medicine in Internal Medicine and Endocrinology. In addition, she has over 740 hours of continued education through various medical conferences and associations. In the past, she has served as a board member for the Texas State Council for Osteoporosis and the United Medical Care Plan. She was featured on a an episode of Discovery Channel's Mystery Diagnosis.

Dr Rodriguez holds privilege over Methodist and

CHI St. Luke's Hospitals.

Meet Dr Rodriguez

  • Health Grades Honor Roll

  • Diabetes Care Recognition Level III

     (2015 Bridges to Excellence Recognition)

  • Top Endocrinologist In Houston Texas

     (2012 Leading Physicians of the World)

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Dr. Vivian O Rodriguez